Inspired by a year-long exploration of the world’s bread scene, which has taken Paul Rhodes and the team from rolling fields of heritage wheat in Denmark and niche grain gatherings around stone mills in rural England, to boulangeries in Paris and artisan bakeries on America’s West Coast, we have created a distinctive new selection of sourdough breads, focusing on long fermentation and traditional ingredients and techniques.

We’ve gone back to the basics, to the field, the farmer and the miller to really explore provenance and true artisanal production. The new loaves contain predominantly UK flour, comprising stone milled, almost forgotten heritage grain varieties, and are seasoned with Essex’s finest Maldon sea salt. Additional ingredients, including seeds and alternative grains, have been handpicked to give each loaf its own exquisite and unique taste.

By using these incredible, diverse grains we’ve not only got the best tasting and most nutritious flour possible for these exciting new loaves but importantly, we are also helping to sustain independent UK farmers investing in the land.


Entirely naturally leavened, with no yeast added, this 1kg long-shaped loaf is made with heritage wheat, giving it a complex flavour with beautiful sour notes. It has a very moist crumb and a dark colour, and as we’ve used stone milled flour it also contains a lot of the minerals and nutrients that would be lost in conventional milling.


Dense, moreish and with lots of umami to the taste, this 1kg round loaf gains its distinctive, nutty flavour from the fermented porridge that we add to the dough, along with a selection of nine toasted seeds. These include sesame, sunflower and pumpkin, as well as British grown flax seeds and camelina, an unusual seed, high in omega-3, and a member of the brassica family.


Also made with heritage wheat, this 1kg long loaf gets its distinctive taste from the addition of beer. We’ve teamed up with Villages Brewery in Deptford and are using its session IPA, Rafiki, to give the bread a ‘dark and intense’ flavour. Conscious of waste, we are also incorporating Villages’ spent grain, a by-product of the brewing process, into our dough – giving it a lovely ‘malty’ note.

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