Sicilian Olive Sour

A decidedly British loaf with an Italian twist, our Sicilian Olive Sour is slowly fermented to develop its distinctive texture and taste – both of which are enhanced with the addition of Belazu’s decidedly moreish and juicy single origin variety Sicilian Nocarella olives.

British-grown wheat | Historical grain varieties | Stone-ground flour | Naturally leavened

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Belazu Ingredient Company

Like Paul Rhodes Bakery, Belazu was founded by people who are passionate about delicious and nutritious food, who constantly look to innovate, and who have chefs at the centre of its customer base.

Belazu’s plump, crisp, single variety Sicilian olives hail from Trapani in Sicily and are early harvest olives, cured for just 10 days by a natural process that helps them retain their vivid colour and al dente texture. These incredible olives have won two Great Taste stars from the Guild of Fine Foods and are the perfect ingredient for our Sicilian Olive Sour loaf.

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