Smokey Potato Sour

Our Burnt Potato Sour uses predominantly British flour, but gains some of its very distinctive flavour (and name!) from the addition of a little Italian wheat called Grano Arso, where the grain is actually charred in the field ahead of milling. The Natoora potatoes we use are roasted – not burnt – with a little rosemary and garlic to further bring out the taste, and then folded into the dough, which retains a beautiful, subtle smoky flavour. To further make this loaf stand out from the crowd we bake it in a long baguette-style shape.

British-grown wheat | Historical grain varieties | International wheat | Stone-ground flour | Naturally leavened

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We are proud to have established a partnership with Natoora, a company on a mission to create a transparent and sustainable supply chain for fresh fruit and vegetables. Natoora carefully sources radically seasonal produce, which delivers bolder flavours, and works with and recognises the artistry of small-scale growers.

A number of flavour-packed Natoora products are used within the Mastercrafted range, including the potatoes and garlic in our Burnt Potato Sour and the sage in our Sage Emmer Focaccia.