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Based in Greenwich, South East London, we are one of the UK’s leading independent bakeries. Here are a few reasons why:


Our team of expert bakers combines a traditional skill-set with specialised processes. For instance, our top-of-the-range stone-based ovens are specially-designed to suit the needs of the artisan baker, enabling our team to tweak all kinds of breads, cakes and pastries to perfection on a grand scale.


We are very much a traditional, hands-on bakery. That said, we are capable of meeting the demands of every customer, whatever their size. What remains the same for all is our absolute attention to detail; every single product is hand-shaped with the greatest care and precision and given sufficient time to prove and develop. The result is consistent quality, every time.


We have one of the widest product ranges available in the capital and pride ourselves in responding swiftly to the individual requirements of every customer. Whether that means creating bespoke products or making deliveries when they are needed, our expert team works around the clock to meet even the tightest deadline.


At the end of every night’s production, our delivery team is ready to roll. Driving a fleet of  vans across London before the sun rises, we ensure our products arrive at their destination fresh and perfectly formed – just as our bakers intended.

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